Hey guys!

Been a little while since we last published something – but don’t think that’s cause we’ve been slacking off. We’ve been busy as ever chugging coffee, staying up late, and working on a HUGE set of new and awesome features for Hivemetric!

I figured I’d throw everything we’re rolling out into one fancy blog post to catch everyone up to speed.

1) Cash Flow Management

Companies are now able to forecast cash in our brand new Cash Flows Dashboard!

Just click the $ icon over on the left navigation bar, plug in your starting cash, and instantly get your runway, along with your average burn rate up to that date.

Identify the key inflection points for when your business will need to raise funds. Then, enter that funding in either equity investment, or non-equity.

Make sure that your business bank account never hits the dreaded $0.00!

2) Public Company Profile

Have a big investor meeting coming up? Or maybe you just want to show the world how cool your financial model you just created really is!

Now, within settings, you can set up an entire profile for your business and share it with whoever your heart desires!

Navigate into settings, and select company profile.

There, you can upload a logo, enter your company’s name, description, biz model, and size. Below that, you can add, edit, reorder, and delete custom text modules to include any information you want to show your audience.

Finally, click the toggle at the top of the page to make a custom public Url for your company, password protect it, and send it to anyone!

They’ll get a version of Hivemetric where they can view everything, but are unable to edit. It looks something like this when they first jump in:

3) CSV Export

At Hivemetric, we typically do not condone the use of spreadsheets. However, we also acknowledge that they are an unavoidable truth in the enthralling world of finance.

This is why, now, we have made it possible to download your financial model and cash flow forecast in a CSV file!

Just click the export button in the menu of either dashboard, and you’re good to go. It won’t give you any of the formulas you normally see in a spreadsheet model – just static data that you can do whatever you want with.

4) Bug Fixes

We know our platform isn’t perfect – but thanks to all of your help, we are getting better each and every day!

Many of you have submitted bugs within our system, and many of them have been fixed. Here’s just a few that we’ve taken care of:

  • fixed inconsistent saving issues
  • moved delete confirmation button
  • added validation and error state
  • fixed inaccurate charts
  • fixed dummy data duplication error
  • resolved months end date rollover issue
  • fixed cross-browser inconsistencies
  • and many more!

These aren’t the first, and they won’t be the last – please keep submitting any bugs you might find here!


And that does it!

Make sure to check out our public product roadmap to see what’s coming up next as we continue our journey towards financial modeling utopia!

As always, we thank each and every one of our users for letting us help you forecast your financial future.