Dynamic Forecasting

Project multiple revenue streams, create detailed growth models, and budget expenses and staffing needs in an interactive sandbox environment.

Dashboard Generation

Lay out all of your most important data, metrics, and charts in one place with customizable business dashboards.

Work Collaboratively

Extend delegate access to your team, investors, or board and align the expectations of all stakeholders in your business.

Metric Analysis

Gauge MRR, ARR, CAC, LTV, and other custom metrics for any time period in your forecast.


Generate reports with your complete financial model and relevant charts for board and investor presentations.


Connect your accounting and bookkeeping tools to track your actual results against your forecast.

Hivemetric Grid Screenshot on iMac

Where founder assumptions meet investor expectations.

Collaborate with your team, board, investors, and more. Bridge the gap between your financial forecast and the requirements of your stakeholders.

  • Send your forecast to prospective investors
  • Save time by extending access to your board before you meet
  • Set goals and send progress reports on performance

The financial model that grows with you.

Your forecast is not a static, one-time projection. Hivemetric grows and evolves as your business does the same.

Data Insights

Actuals Tracking

Industry Analytics

Customizable Metrics

Interactive Charts

Milestone/Goal Setting

Hivemetric revenue graph screenshot on MacBook

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