Hivemetric Financial Model
forecast chart

Interactive Forecasting

Create multiple product lines, forecast MRR and ARR, adjust growth and churn, and see results in real time.

cash flows

Cash Planning

Visualize cash inflows and outflows, manage burn rates, and predict your cash runway in advance.

Track Your Data

Connect your QuickBooks to Hivemetric. Watch your data grow right alongside your forecast.

The financial model that grows with your business.

No more manually updating spreadsheets every month. Hivemetric grows with your business each step of the way

Data Insights

QuickBooks Integration

Scenario Analysis

Customizable Metrics

Interactive Charts

Milestone/Goal Setting

Macbook with Hivemetric SaaS financial model

Where founder assumptions meet investor expectations.

Collaborate with your team, board, investors, and more. Bridge the gap between your financial forecast and the requirements of your stakeholders.

  • Work transparently with your team and advisors
  • Extend access to your board before you meet
  • Send your forecast to prospective investors

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