Hey everyone!

Happy 2018! Hope you all had a happy holidays, and are ready to start the new year recharged and refreshed.

Over at Hivemetric, we’re kicking off 2018 with a bang by introducing a whole new set of new features!

Check em out below:

1) Hivemetric Free Trial

Big news – the Hivemetric beta period is officially over. That’s right, now anyone is free to sign up and start using the Hivemetric 14-day free trial right away!

Hivemetric billing options

We are extremely appreciative of all of our beta users and the amazing feedback they have provided, but unfortunately we couldn’t offer our stuff free forever. Don’t worry, all of your data will still be there.

After the trial period ends, users can add a payment method to keep their Hivemetric account active, starting at $19 per month (not bad, right?).

2) Additional Users and Seats

One of our top requested features is finally available – you can now invite your team and advisors to your account to collaborate on and view your forecast!

hivemetric user management settings

Within settings, navigate to “User Management”, and invite whoever you want via email! You can assign them with view-only rights, or make them an account admin – basically, you control what they can do and see!

3) Quickbooks Integration – Cash

Now you can integrate with your QBO data!

Simply connect your Quickbooks account within the “Integrations” tab of settings, and navigate to your cash dashboard. You will now see the option to pull your starting cash balance directly from QBO!

This is just the start of our grand pipeline of integrations. Pretty soon, you will be able to pull all your financials from Quickbooks, Xero, and more! Stay tuned…

4) Scenario Analysis

Another highly requested feature – you are now able to duplicate your forecast to make scenario-specific edits and weigh out different forecasts!

Were you wondering what would happen if you decreased expenditures by 20%, but you didn’t want to lose your current data? Well, now you can simply copy your model, modify your assumptions, and toggle between scenarios to see what will be most beneficial to your business.


And that’s a wrap!

Be sure to check out our public product roadmap to see what’s on deck to be released next!

As always, we thank each and every one of our you for using Hivemetric to successfully plan your business.