We are proud, honored, and thrilled to announce that Hivemetric has qualified as a semifinalist for the Fall 2017 Arizona Innovation Challenge!

It is incredible to think that what began as a simple vision to reshape the landscape for modern business planning earlier this year, has evolved into a rapidly growing business competing alongside 25 great Arizona companies to win $250,000.

Here is the full list of AZ businesses working to shape the future of our state:

Source: Arizona Innovation Challenge Fall 2017 Semifinalists

Just looking back and reflecting upon the journey over the last few months that has brought us to this point is truly amazing. The endless nights at the office, the thousands of lines of code written, the gallons of coffee drank – the feeling is indescribable finally seeing all of our hard work begin to pay off.

We are excited to be a part of such a prestigious event, and we look forward to updating everyone as we progress down our path towards $250,000!!!