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How to Beta Test Your Product Before You Launch

Startups need to move fast, but they also need to move in the right direction. Beta test your product before launch to…

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Startup Funding – 7 Ways to Fund Your Startup

Startup funding is an important component of growing an idea into a thriving and scalable business. Learn what funding…

How to be a Non-Technical Co-Founder in a Pre-Launch Tech-Startup

All you non-tech founders - don’t just sit around waiting until launch ,  take action and help your team now!

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Setting Up a Company Budget and Planning Your Expenses the Right Way

Is your business bleeding cash? Learn how to easily create a budget for your company so you can stop worrying and start…

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Creating and Delivering Your Investor Pitch

Create and deliver your investor pitch so you can secure funding and keep growing your business. Here are steps and…

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5 Financial Mistakes that Kill Business Progress

Businesses and startups alike underestimate common financial mistakes that directly impact their success. Learn what a…

Hack Arizona Hackathon

Hackathons: A Key Catalyst of the Tech Industry

Hackathons are an important part of both the tech industry and startups. They bring together diverse teams committed to…

Star Wars Rogue One Cast

Startups, Star Wars, and Lessons from Rogue One

Movies are a great source for teaching. Star Wars: Rogue One offers lessons to startups and innovators as they build…

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3 Essential Components of Your Financial Model

Formulate assumptions to forecast revenues, budget costs and link them to revenue creation, tie it all together through…

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Stop Creating Financial Models Using Spreadsheets!

Stop using spreadsheets - building a business forecast from an Excel Financial Model template does not help grow your…

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Why Investors Want a Financial Model

Investors need financial models to understand key metrics driving a startup. A financial model gives a VC confidence in…

Hivemetric infographic of 5 core Saas Metrics

5 Metrics for SaaS Companies

Get information on metrics for SaaS companies. LTV:CAC Ratio, CAC Recovery Period, Negative Revenue Churn, MRR Growth…

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Veterans Strengthen the Startup Environment

Veterans are an important part of the startup ecosystem and driving growth of new companies.

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Connecting Your Sales Pipeline to Your Revenue Forecast

Your sales pipeline should predict the future of the growth in your company. Do you understand how your leads are…

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Creating a Growth Hypothesis for Your Financial Projections

Developing a growth hypothesis requires an understanding of revenue models and the tactics to drive customers to make…

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Breaking Down the Costs in Your Business

Most businesses fail because they fail to account for their costs as it compares to cash flow. Understand how and where…

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Maximize Your Profits With Pricing Strategies

An overview of cost-based, competitor-based, and value-based pricing methods.

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Convert Customers With an Effective Pricing Page

You have nurtured your prospective customer all the way to your pricing page, make it easy for them to move from a lead…

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Pricing Psychology: Developing a Pricing Edge

Pricing psychology, understand how certain pricing tactics can improve the likelihood your customer will buy your…